July 5th is, interestingly enough, recognized as Work-a-holic Day. What are workaholics exactly? Workaholics are people who always have their minds on their jobs, who want to make sure that everything is timely and efficiently, but so much so that it consumes their life. They barely can relax and take time off from their work once they start on something because they want to see their projects through. Workaholics maybe addicted to their work but the more apt description is that they love work.

If you find yourself under a cluttered desk and constantly on the move to remain organized, Appliance Art can help with our instant chalkboard solutions. Instant chalkboard film allows you to turn any surface into a chalkboard. We offer sheets to convert an entire wall or creative designs for a decorative chalkboard approach.

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chalkboard maps
kitchen shape chalkboards
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Workaholics see working as a source of entertainment. Workaholics want to work. And if you’re doing what you love, there’s nothing wrong with that. For the workaholic in you, embrace function, stylish instant chalkboards to keep detail and order in your workspace.