If you’ve looked at any home decorating magazine in the past few months, you can see that BRIGHT COLORS are coming back into style. I’ve noticed cabinets in bright pink, beautiful punchy dining sets, and gorgeous window treatments all around. In fact, Elle Décor named colored upholstery and cabinets as two of their top kitchen design trends of 2019. While it may not seem like the most obvious match, we think a Luna Pearl counter top is the best way to make all the fun accent colors in your kitchen pop. It can provide the perfect neutral background for all of your creative and colorful kitchen decor!

Luna Pearl Instant Granite is an affordable way to add the perfect backdrop to your trendy bright kitchen accessories

Not only does Luna Pearl Instant Granite fit with the current trends, it is one of the easiest shades to install. The speckled pattern is incredibly forgiving when it comes to seams, so if you have a large surface you are looking to cover (kitchen island, anyone?), it is definitely worth taking a look at. I have also found the corners are much easier to tackle when working with a pattern as forgiving as this. Corners are undoubtedly the more intricate aspects of Instant Granite installation (psst…check out the Ultimate Guide to Instant Granite for some awesome installation tips), so using a pattern that hides seams so well is a good idea if you are new to the DIY game. We have also noticed that the pattern helps conceal any dips, dents, or inconsistencies your starting surface may have.

Luna Pearl Instant Granite

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