The layout is the most important part of the kitchen design. It can determine the ease or difficulty of working in the kitchen. It addresses the question of how the cabinets, counters, sinks, and kitchen appliances fit together into one cohesive whole.

Best Kitchen Layout

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The following are the most popular kitchen layouts:

  • L-shaped kitchen – You will have more freedom to cook in the kitchen when traffic shifts away from the work area. This kitchen layout has a main wall that houses the cabinets, the range, the sink, and the countertop in an L-shaped configuration. If the kitchen is the meeting place in the house, adding an island counter will help.
  • Zone design – This layout breaks up the kitchen into several zones. There is a distinct zone for working, cooking, cleaning, and eating. This type of layout allows several people to function in different capacities in the kitchen at the same time without getting in each other’s way.
  • Corridor style – This concept features two straight lines running on either side of the kitchen area. You will find the range on one side and the sink on the opposite side. When only a single wall is available, you can add an island on the opposite side of the wall. The island will provide additional storage space.
  • U shape – The U-shaped kitchen provides a massive amount of storage and workspace. You can store the things that you need within easy reach. The large amount of counter space accommodates several kitchen appliances while still allowing for a generous stretch of work space.
  • The work triangle – Regardless of the shape of your kitchen, you can make working and cooking in the kitchen a lot more convenient by establishing a work triangle. With this setup, the three kitchen essentials – range, sink, and refrigerator – are within easy reach. You can save precious time when you eliminate the need to take multiple steps to get from one point to the other.

When planning your dream kitchen, there’s no definitive right or wrong when it comes to layout. The challenge is to determine your needs and decide how to use your kitchen space to best meet those needs.