November 11 is Veterans Day—a day to honor the men and women, both living and dead, who served in the country’s armed forces. Though it can be easy to take our freedoms for granted, Veterans Day reminds us that they come at a cost and that we should always be grateful for them.

Veterans Day

(Pixabay / sranson)

Members of the armed forces serve our country both in times of peace and war. Although Veterans Day is a great occasion to reflect on their sacrifices, we can honor veterans all year round.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Deliver meal packages to veterans, especially those who are in financial distress.
  • Visit a wounded veteran at the hospital.
  • Volunteer for organizations that help veterans. Charities such as Disabled American Veterans accept volunteer drivers to transport veterans when they visit medical facilities.
  • Say thank you whenever you see a military veteran.
  • Volunteer to make simple repairs in the homes of military veterans.
  • Share your expertise through organizations such as MilServe.
  • Display the U.S. flag at your home or business.

Another way of showing support for veterans is to decorate your home with items that will honor them. For example, you could install American flag appliance covers from Appliance Art, such as the following dishwasher covers: God Bless America, U.S. Flag, U.S. Flag Brush Stroke or the Stars and Stripes. These custom dishwasher covers are available in vinyl with adhesive backing or magnet-backed. Appliance Art also carries magnetic fridge covers with American flag designs.