Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday of November. The Thanksgiving holiday began with the old harvest festivals that honored the year’s agricultural bounty. Today, Thanksgiving is also an occasion to reflect on blessings—not just from the harvest but all aspects of life. Families join together to a feast on turkey and other staples while enjoying parades and football games.

Thanksgiving-themed Appliance Covers

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Many families start preparing for Thanksgiving the moment the air turns crisp. Each family has its own holiday traditions, including various rituals to share memories, recount blessings and make the most of the time together.

You can make your Thanksgiving Day more memorable for the family by doing the following:

  • Work together – Thanksgiving feasts are the hallmarks of Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, they take a long time to prepare and can leave you exhausted for the holiday. Rather than taking all of the food preparation on yourself, turn the effort into a chance to unite family members. Delegate cooking tasks to loved ones. Bond while working together in the kitchen.
  • Invite friends – Thanksgiving dinner is traditionally for families, but it is also memorable to share the day with neighbors and friends. Enjoy learning from others as you expand your circle of loved ones.
  • Share – Make Thanksgiving Day a venue for sharing, not only food but also feelings. The world has become so busy that we may find ourselves engrossed in our own affairs, forgetting the people around us. Use the holiday to meaningfully connect with family members and friends. It may be a year before you have the opportunity again.
  • Say thanks – Try writing down your blessings—it’s easier to be aware of them when you see them on paper. Make an effort to thank those around you—and not just on Thanksgiving Day. Commit to remember your blessings and express thanks more often during the coming year.

You can also create a memorable Thanksgiving Day by using kitchen decorating ideas that feature appliance covers from Appliance Art. Various refrigerator covers and dishwasher covers depict Thanksgiving themes. Dishwasher covers include the following: the Thanksgiving Cornucopia Doily, the Thanksgiving Cornucopia, the “Thanksgiving Dinner Is Served,” and the Thanksgiving Pilgrim Pumpkin Dishwasher Cover.