Living ‘La Dolce Vita’ Thanks to Appliance Art

Last summer, my husband and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary by treating ourselves to a romantic getaway in Tuscany. For two beautiful weeks, we started each morning with a cappuccino fresco, we spent the afternoons exploring luscious vineyards and ancient villages, and ended each day with a couple of glasses of vino and a plate of bruschetta while watching the Tuscan sunset from the balcony of our quaint little rented villa. È un paradise.

Since returning to the States, I’ve been suffering from a condition not yet recognized by the American Psychiatric Association known as Tuscany Withdrawal Syndrome. Symptoms include animated hand gestures, intolerance to American cuisine, sudden interest in opera, and compulsive viewings of Under the Tuscan Sun. In a frenzy, I set about trying satisfy my hunger for all things Tuscan, but relief was nowhere to be found. My Starbucks cappuccino was a foam-filled disappointment, my local video store didn’t have any Fellini films, and don’t even get me started on the Olive Garden!

It seemed I was an incurable case. That is, until Appliance Art came to the rescue.

Thanks to Appliance Art, I’ve been able to transform my kitchen into my own personal Tuscany. And best of all, it was super inexpensive! I bought their Tuscan Grapes Side by Side Custom Fridge Cover, and it is molto bella! To compliment my fridge I also bought their Estate Bottled Dishwasher Cover to make my dishwasher look like a wine cellar.

Both products are available in adhesive stick-and-peel form or as a magnet. They fit perfectly on to my appliances and are easy to remove if needed. They look totally natural on my fridge and dishwasher, not at all like some tacky decorations. Now my kitchen has the authentic feel of Tuscany I’ve been craving! I start each morning with a cup of espresso and marvel at the beautiful scenery of a land thousands of miles away. And best of all, It cost way less than an actual plane ticket to Italy. Grazie, Appliance Art!

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