Observed as a holiday in the Midwest and some parts of the Northeast, the third Sunday of October is Sweetest Day. The day is intended for sharing romantic expressions or deeds with those that you care about. During the observance of Sweetest Day, gifts such as flowers and candy are exchanged. The celebration is somewhat similar to Valentine’s Day, with its heart-shaped gift boxes and romantic cards.

Sweetest Day

(Pixabay / WerbeFabrik)

There are many ways of celebrating Sweetest Day without having to break the bank or resort to the unoriginal. Here are a few creative and modestly-priced Sweetest Day gifts:

  • A romantic note – Stick a romantic note into your loved one’s planner or briefcase. In the middle of their frenetic work day, a few loving words can go a long way.
  • Fill the fridge – Surprise your significant other by stocking the fridge with their favorite beverages. Write something special on a sticky note and put it on the outside of the fridge. When your partner gets home from work or other commitments, they can enjoy their surprise.
  • Start a new hobby together – Spend the day or evening taking on a new hobby together. Attend a painting class or play a round of golf. Make it something new and different. Shared hobbies allow couples to spend quality time together.
  • Prepare a special dinner – Instead of going out, make a fancy dinner at home for just the two of you. Prepare a romantic setting, complete with background music, candlelight, and scattered rose petals.
  • Make room for downtime – After dinner, retreat to the living room and spend time talking and genuinely enjoying each others’ company—free of distractions. In this busy age, downtime doesn’t happen unless you carve it out.

You can bring your home to life for Sweetest Day by decorating your kitchen for the occasion. You can use refrigerator covers as well as dishwasher covers that reflect love-themed images such as hearts or flowers. Appliance Art offers vinyl or magnetic fridge covers and dishwasher covers. They are easy to apply and remove.