In many regions of the country, winter is cold and gloomy. At first, we may welcome the icy weather as a break from the warm days of summer. The first snow can be thrilling as kids bundle up and head outside to make snow figures. Winter presents beautiful vistas with its snow-capped mountains and trees.

Winter Season Sunny Appliance Art Covers

(Pixabay / jill111)

The season could lose its luster, however, when freezing temperatures and gray skies stretch on for months on end. If the long winter is getting to you, here are some ways to stay cozy and comfy inside.

  • Keep yourself warm – Warming your body is easier than heating up your home. If the temperature inside is not as warm as you would like, put on another layer of clothing instead of cranking up the heat. It’s a much more eco-friendly solution.
  • Cover your head – The more body surface is exposed to the frigid air, the colder you will feel. Even if you are inside the house, make it a point to wear a hat. This will keep heat from leaving your body and reduce the amount of skin that comes in contact with the cold.
  • Use hot and cold water alternately when you shower – Hot showers will immediately increase your body temperature, but cold showers can keep your blood circulating. Alternate between hot and cool showers.
  • Use your ceiling fan – This may sound counterintuitive, but the circulation of the ceiling fan can actually help warm up the living space in a room. Run the fan on the lowest setting to push warm air back down toward the floor where people can feel it.
  • Use cozy kitchen ideas – Decorate your kitchen with warm flourishes such as appliance covers from Appliance Art. There are hundreds of designs for refrigerator covers and dishwasher covers that depict various summer themes. Other covers bear the image of a crackling fireplace. The covers are available in vinyl and magnetic and can be easily installed.

You can’t change the outside temperature, but you can take steps inside to make your home warm and cozy.