Going to the beach for some serious sun, sand, sea, and surf is a great part of summer. But, if a beach is nowhere near your location, or you’re trying to save up for that big vacation, there are still fun summer activities that you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate summer. At the end of this article, we compliment outdoor fun with ways to keep the excitement alive inside the home, too, with our summer and sports-themed fridge and dishwasher panel covers.

  1. Break out the hose. You can’t get more affordable than having a water fight at home. Spend a dollar or two on some balloons and fill ‘em up for a water balloon fight. Still have that old slip ‘n slide around? Break that out, too.
  2. Backyard movie. Set up a tent in your backyard, grab the projector, prepare the popcorn and some drinks. Voila! You’ll have an instant backyard movie viewing.
  3. Faux travel. Set up your backyard to make it look like you are in Hawaii or some tropical paradise. Prepare summer fruit cocktails, turn the music on and dress your part.
  4. Camp. You can never go wrong with a night of camping, sharing ghost stories, and a few rounds of smores.
  5. Get on your bike and just go. As to where? Wherever your bike takes you. Just enjoy the freedom.
  6. Hit the dirt. Go for a day of hiking, but do it a-la Amazing Race style. Prepare in advance some clues and make a bit of a scavenger hunt out of it for the family.
  7. Indulge in ice cream. Sometimes it is the simple pleasures in life.
  8. Sports. Few things say summer as much as sports do. Hearing the crack of the bat, swiftly kicking the soccer ball into the net, dunking a basketball, passing a football, or hitting a golf ball onto the green. All are great ways to have fun and get in some physical activity.
  9. Go swimming. Don’t have a beach nearby? Hit the pool for a refreshing dip in the water.

Once you’re done enjoying the outdoors, keep the summer theme going inside your home, too. Appliance Art offers a variety of dishwasher and fridge door covers to compliment the activities mentioned above.