Choosing the material for your kitchen countertop is a major decision. It’s not like picking out a new pair of shoes. The price tag is hefty, and you’ll have to live with your choice for many years.

Why Love Granite Countertops

(Pixabay / TA9141985)

There are a number of popular materials to consider, but the world continues to favor granite. Granite has been around for many years; Ancient Egyptians used it to build pyramids. Here are just a few of the reasons that granite has such impressive staying power.

  • Elegance – Granite adds elegance to any room, including the kitchen. When people speak of elegance in the kitchen, granite tends to come to mind. Its timeless beauty can dress up even the most humble spaces.
  • Versatility – Granite comes in a wide variety of colors so you can easily find a match for your current kitchen color scheme.
  • Durability – Granite is made from rock that is naturally compressed and is very durable. Only diamond is harder than granite. Because of this, granite is highly resistant to scratching and chipping.
  • Longevity – Granite countertops are more expensive than other options, but they can be a very worthwhile investment. Granite is often durable enough to last a lifetime. You may have to replace other countertops after just a few years, but because granite has such impressive staying power, it is often the best investment.
  • Economic value – Granite countertops instantly increase the value of your home, which is good news if you are looking to sell.
  • Easy maintenance – Granite is easy to care for, and as long as it is properly sealed, granite will not stain or turn dull.

If you don’t have the money to spend on real granite, or if you want to save the money to spend on other aspects of your home, consider Instant Granite. It’s a peerless faux granite product that can be easily applied over your current counter surface. This vinyl film has the look and feel of real granite for a fraction of the price.