As everyone in a relationship knows, each day should be Valentine’s Day. This simple idea means that romance should always be in the air for couples. Lovers should never stop showing their partners how they feel about each other and how much they mean.

A little show of affection may come in the form of a simple kiss, an ‘I love you’ text, or by giving each other gifts. In recognition of August being Romance Awareness Month, we wanted to share a gift idea that will keep the fire burning.

One of the things that can maintain the flames of love is an appliance cover that has a unique romantic design to it to continually keep romance in sight. You can choose from a number of romantic designs that will make you fall in love with your partner and your appliance.

Appliance covers come in two types, magnetic and vinyl. Vinyl appliance covers come with an adhesive backing making it easy to set up and can work with metal or plastic surfaced appliances. You will also receive a squeegee which you can use to help lay the romantic appliance cover in a smoother manner.

When it comes to the magnetic appliance covers, you need to make sure that the metal surface of your machine on which you plan to stick your romantic appliance cover is metal. And no matter which type of appliance cover you choose, cleaning is easy as all you need to have is detergent, water, and a smooth cloth to wipe off the dirt. But don’t worry, your appliance covers come with easy to understand instructions for installation. The vinyl type comes with a

Ready to keep love alive by enhancing your kitchen with a new dishwasher cover or matching fridge cover? When couples see things like a romantic cover on their appliances is when you’ll see that it’s the little things that matter most.