The year is winding down fast and the New Year is almost here. You may be feeling nostalgic as you contemplate the ups and downs of the past year. Perhaps you are energized with anticipation as you consider the opportunities for growth and development in the coming year. Either way, it’s a time for celebration, and did you know that your appliances can get in on the fun? By applying appliance covers, you can invigorate humdrum appliances and turn them into an attractive piece of holiday decor.

The following appliance covers will add panache to your New Year’s Eve celebration:

  • New Year’s Quill Dishwasher Cover – Get into the spirit of the holiday with this dishwasher cover that invokes all things New Year: the waiting for the ball to drop at Times Square, singing Auld Lang Syne, and raising a toast with friends and loved ones for a wonderful year ahead. Start the New Year’s celebration right with this dishwasher cover. It is available in vinyl with adhesive backing or as a magnet. Note: The kick plate cover is not included if you have a dishwasher with a kick plate.
  • New Year’s Champagne Toast Custom Dishwasher Cover – Toast the New Year with this dishwasher cover. Savor the moment of popping Champagne bottles and raising flutes to welcome the coming year. As with other dishwasher covers, this one is available in vinyl or magnet. If you are ordering the magnetic cover, make sure that your dishwasher is magnetic. If you order the vinyl option, you will receive a free squeegee for easy installation. The covers can be cleaned with water and mild soap or other non-alcohol household cleaners. This dishwasher cover is removable and can be reused as long as it is properly stored.
  • New Year’s Countdown Dishwasher Cover – The New Year’s celebration is not complete without the ritual of the countdown. This dishwasher cover invokes the fun and festivities of the New Year’s party without taking up any extra kitchen space. Note: If you want to order the magnet option, it cannot be printed wider than 24 inches so please check the size of your dishwasher.

If your appliances need a lift, turn them into a piece of art. Welcome the New Year with themed covers from Appliance Art.