Appliances can break down unexpectedly, leaving you in a financial pickle if you don’t have the budget to replace them. The problem gets worse when the appliance is something that you can’t live without, such as a refrigerator. One option is to buy a new appliance using your credit card and pay on installment, but this will involve hefty interest payments. An alternative is to buy a used or second-hand appliance, which is significantly lower in price than a brand new one.

Many people feel that buying used is an unwise decision. The idea, however, is tempting if you consider the amount of money you could save.

The following are the advantages of second-hand appliances:

  • Cheaper – Used appliances are significantly lower in price than new ones.
  • Durable – Most appliances today have long lifespans. Even if you buy used, you are still likely to have many years of efficient service before your machine breaks down.
  • Environmentally friendly – When you buy a used appliance, you save it from being added to the landfill. If it is still usable, why not keep a machine out of the dump?
  • Inspected by dealers – Some appliance dealers sell used appliances that they hauled away after delivering new ones. They will often inspect and recondition them and sell them in good working order.

The following are the disadvantages of buying used appliances:

  • More expensive to operate – If the used appliance that you buy was manufactured before the advent of the conservation movement, the machine will likely consume too much energy, which means that you will be paying a lot for your electric bills.
  • Less-efficient – Used appliances are generally less efficient than new ones, so you may have to settle for sub-standard performance.
  • Risky – When you buy a used appliance, you may or may not be getting a good product. It is always a bit of a gamble to buy used.

If you still opt for a used appliance instead of a brand new one, be sure to inspect the product thoroughly for any defects or problems. A repair professional can help you assess the product and ensure that it is functioning properly.