Taking good care of your dishwasher will prolong its life. We tend to throw things into the dishwasher with abandon, but it’s important to maintain it well if we want it to keep running optimally over the years.

You can keep your dishwasher in good shape by doing the following:

  • Clean the filter – Most dishwashers have filters. The first step in keeping your dishwasher in good shape is to clean the filter on a regular basis. Food particles can get trapped inside, impairing the dishwasher’s ability to clean properly. Removing the filter and washing off any grime or food particles will help the dishwasher work efficiently.
  • Clean the door and seals – The seals around the dishwasher’s door rim prevent water leaks while the machine is running. You can clean the seals and the door of the dishwasher to prevent soap scum and soil from building up. Put a drop of dishwashing liquid on a damp cloth and wipe off the residue.
  • Use premium dishwashing soap – Do not use just any variety of dishwashing soap. Use only premium brands. They may be a little more expensive, but they will pay off in the way they prevent the build-up of grime and food residue.
  • Clean the spray arm – The spray arm of the dishwasher could get dirty and blocked over time. Clear blockages in the spray arm with a toothpick every six months or so to make sure that it will spray water properly. You can clean the entire spray arm with a damp towel to remove any accumulated grime or soap scum.

Regularly maintaining and cleaning your dishwasher can help keep it running properly for many years. If you find that your dishwasher is working well but looking a little weary, consider covering it with Appliance Art. The appliance covers come with magnetic or vinyl backing and can be easily installed. They are available in hundreds of different designs to fit any holiday, season, or color scheme.