Back to School Deluxe Magnetic Locker Wallpaper – Grey Chevron


Grey and white chevron pattern



Add personality to your school space with these high quality magnetic locker wallpaper designs. Our designs are printed on high quality PVC vinyl – this is the same stuff that’s used for vehicle wraps so it’s made to stay on the side of a truck driving down the highway in sun and snow for years. In other words, it’s made to hold up to the 6-10 times a day you shove books and notebooks in your locker between classes – and stay on when you slam the door! This PVC vinyl is durable and wipeable so will clean up easily if your Coke explodes in your locker. The printed vinyl is applied to a strong, thin, flexible magnet. This magnetic wallpaper is much more durable than other products on the market that are just thin pieces of paper held up with small round magnets.

Each purchase includes four panels of magnetic wallpaper, and each panel is 12 inches wide and 36 inches tall. The material is easy to trim with scissors to fit to your locker, if needed. Once you’ve selected your favorite pattern, decide whether you want this pattern “with a chalkboard door” (you’ll receive 3 panels of printed pattern and one panel of magnetic chalkboard) or “without chalkboard door” (you’ll receive 4 panels of printed pattern).


★ Personalize your locker with a pop of color and style. Our magnetic locker wallpaper is unique in that we are the only product on the market that’s a fully printed magnet rather than flimsy paper and a handful of magnets. Easy to trim but resistant to tearing, this rugged magnetic locker wallpaper will hold up to your teen throwing their books, notebooks, and bags around between classes all year long.

★ Instantly transform your locker with high quality magnetic locker wallpaper. Each purchase includes 4 precut panels of a printed sheet of magnet. This durable wallpaper is made from vinyl and sheet magnet, so it’s reusable year after year. Precut panels are each 12 inches wide by 36 inches tall, perfect for the standard half lockers found in most schools.

★ Easy to Install: unroll, place inside locker. Our precut panels fit most lockers, so trimming is usually not needed. The durable vinyl and magnet easily lay over existing bolts, rivets, and dents in the metal to give your locker a uniform look. If needed, the magnet is easy to trim with regular scissors or a straight edge and utility knife.

★ Compatible with other locker decorations. Magnetic Locker Wallpaper is made from a thin, durable vinyl applied to a sheet magnet. It lays flat to the sides of your locker without bunching so that your standard shelves will still fit. Magnetic mirrors, pen holders, vases, and clips will all hold on top of this wallpaper.

★ PRINTED AND DESIGNED IN THE USA: we are proud to print and produce this magnetc locker wallpaper in Atlanta, Georgia. We do not rely on pre-printed materials from a factory overseas. Easy Home Renewals asserts rigorous quality control measures over every phase of production, to provide you with a superior product that will last over time.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 3 in