You can breathe fresh life into your kitchen by covering your old refrigerator and dishwasher with Appliance Art covers. Appliance Art has hundreds of appliance covers made of either vinyl or magnetic material. They come in different colors, textures, and themes (sports, landscapes, holidays, seasons, etc.) There is a panel for every conceivable occasion. You can change your appliance cover as soon as you get tired of it or to welcome a new season or holiday. One of our most popular covers is the Three Chefs Appliance Cover, which adds cachet and whimsy to any kitchen.

Three Chefs Appliance Cover

Three Chefs Appliance Cover

The three chefs pictured on this cover appear to take their food very seriously, as if their lives revolve around food, wine, and cheese. The digital print is rendered from the original hand-painted work by American artist Jennifer Garant.

The Thee Chefs Appliance Cover is available for the dishwasher or refrigerator (both the side-by-side and top-and-bottom varieties). The Three Chefs Appliance Cover is available with peel-and-stick vinyl or magnetic backing

The Appliance Art covers are easy to install. The magnetic covers will adhere to metal surfaces. The vinyl covers are simple to affix to appliance doors with the help of a free squeegee that is included with your order. All of the materials used for the appliance covers are easy to cut and may be trimmed to fit your appliances.

Ordering from Appliance Art is easy. You can start by selecting your favorite Appliance Art theme, which you may choose depending on the occasion or season of the year. Next, identify the type of appliance you want to cover.

Finally, select your choice of either magnetic or vinyl material. If you are choosing magnetic, make sure that the door of your appliance will adhere to a magnet. If not, select the peel-and-stick vinyl cover.