You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, probably more than in any other part of the house. But over time, you may find yourself growing tired of it. The reasons are varied. Your kitchen appliances may be looking old and tired. The color of your appliances may be dull, adding an air of gloom to your kitchen.

You may want to replace your kitchen appliances but that can bring problems of its own. Once you replace one, you may have to replace all appliances to match the color and finish of the new one. Unless you have deep pockets, it’s difficult to buy all new appliances at once.

Appliance Art Covers

A simple and low-cost alternative is to shop Appliance Art. At Appliance Art, we have a wide range of appliance covers that can instantly provide an update to aging dishwashers and refrigerators. Our extensive selection of vinyl or magnetic panels will breathe new life into your kitchen. And best of all, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars for the face lift.

We have hundreds of appliance covers in different colors, textures, landscapes, and themes. There is a panel for most every conceivable occasion. You can pick one and stick with it or change your appliance covers repeatedly, depending on the season of the year or upcoming holiday.

Don’t love your dishwasher? Fit it with a bold, bright dishwasher panel. Fridge looking weary? Brighten it up with a summer scene or a stainless steel cover. You can even transform it into a tropical beach.

Appliance Art covers can be installed in a snap. When you receive your order of either a vinyl or magnetic appliance art cover, it will come with an installation kit. The magnetic panels can simply be placed on the front of the appliance. Vinyl panels require a simple-step application process, which includes cleaning the appliance surface, sticking the panel in place with the help of a squeegee (included), and trimming the edges with a utility knife.

You can replace your appliance art any time. Just peel the cover off the surface of the appliance, clean it, and put it in storage for future use.