When buying a new household appliance, it is important to decide what to do with the one that you are replacing. If it is still functioning, you can consider donating it or keeping it around as a backup. If it no longer works, it is best that you dispose of it.

If you choose to keep a used appliance around, remember that it may not be environmentally-friendly. Used appliances are often inefficient and will increase your carbon footprint. When they use more energy than they need to, you will see it in the form of high power bills.

Donating an old but still-working appliance allows you to support charitable causes. Old appliances can be recycled or sold again. You can even get tax credits for donating old appliances. If you know that an old appliance can’t be salvaged or recycled, however, don’t bother to give it away. It is best to dump it.

When you buy a new appliance, especially large ones, appliance dealers will often agree to remove your old machine with the delivery of the new one. Sometimes the dealers will charge a small haul-away fee, but it is often worth it.

Some local utility companies offer removal services for old appliances that consume excess energy. There are even some electric companies that will pay you a modest fee as an incentive to replace your energy-guzzling refrigerator with a more energy-efficient model.

Remember that replacing an appliance is a two-part decision. Decide in advance what to do with the old machine before you fire up the new one.