The kitchen is where people spend most of their waking hours when they are home. It is also the place where they produce a lot of garbage that can take its toll on the environment. As you look to conserve better in the coming year, here are some ideas for reducing waste.

Reduce Kitchen Waste

(Pixabay / 12019)

The number one source of waste in the kitchen is the accumulation of plastic bags and disposable containers. As we shop, we tend to bring home lots of plastic. You can stop this problem at the source by bringing your own bags when you go shopping and storing them in the back of your car. If you do bring home plastic, stash it in a single location, and take it to the store’s recycle bin next time you go.

If you have trouble with water bottles piling up, assign everyone a reusable water bottle and keep them in a basket in your kitchen. When parents head out the door to work or errands and kids go to school, make sure they take their reusable water bottles along.

If you typically buy lunch, try taking your lunch instead. Even buying a combination meal at a hamburger joint involves lots of plastic and paper. (Think of the paper wrapping for your burger, the cardboard container for fries, the drinking cup, etc.) Pack a lunch instead, and put your food in reusable containers.

One thing that goes very fast in the kitchen is paper towels. If you find yourself barreling through a roll every couple of days, put out a dishrag and use it instead. And rather than drying dishes, purchase a drying rack and let dishes air dry overnight. This can save you time, and air drying is usually more hygienic than towel drying. If you do use paper towels from time to time, remember that they can be composted later.

You will have a better year and so will Mother Earth if you reduce waste in 2018.