It’s a new year, and everywhere you look people are talking about resolutions. Whether it is self-improvement, career advancement, or focusing on new health goals – there is no doubt that every year January brings about the infectious spirit of bettering your life. Home improvement is often mentioned in the long list of goals people boast, but if you ask me – it should be a much more focused on resolution during this season of growth and change.

Your home is so much more than just the physical space you inhabit. A home is like another member of your family, and needs to be cared for, loved, and appreciated. It was Winston Churchill who said that “we shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us”. Our homes are our safest sanctuaries, our places of respite and refuge, and the space in which we begin and end each day.

When you think of it this way, doesn’t it seem that caring for your home and caring for yourself are one in the same? That home improvement and self improvement are deeply linked? Your home should be a space in which you feel comfortable and happy, a space that reflects who you are, and a space that fulfills your needs. In short – your home should feel like exactly that – YOUR home.

Honestly, home improvement can be a hugely intimidating world to dive into, especially when you have a tight budget to stick to! There is perhaps no remodel more intimidating to tackle than a kitchen. So, does that mean that renovations should be reserved exclusively for those with a huge budget and plenty of time? NO! It can seem that home renovations are filled with huge price tags, scary installations, as well as weeks and weeks of construction time. BUT! That doesn’t have to be the case. Enter, Instant Granite.

If you are looking for a quick change with a small budget (not to mention, huge impact), check us out. We offer an unparalleled faux granite product that can entirely change your space, without break the bank. We offer a diverse range of lengths and shades, so can truly be a fit for any space or project. Let us help you in achieving your 2019 kitchen goals, and always remember, you don’t have to have unlimited time or money to transform your space!