Once the ball has dropped in Times Square and we’ve replaced last year’s calendar with a 2018 version, it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Some people cringe at the term, but the fact remains that people who have formal, written resolutions are more likely to achieve their goals.

New Look for Your Kitchen

(Pixabay / StockSnap)

People set all kinds of resolutions, but the most popular goals center on improving health, relationships and finances. Others include catching up on endeavors such as home improvement projects.

If your kitchen could use a facelift, here are some ideas for enhancing it in the coming year:

  • Brighten it up – Kitchen lighting is often inadequate, giving the room a gloomy look. Switching to a new lighting system won’t break the bank, but it will significantly change the atmosphere in your kitchen. You can add under-cabinet track lighting that will add a glow to your kitchen or install pendant lights.
  • Replace your hardware – New knobs or pulls on cabinetry can go a long way in updating the look of your kitchen. This is a low-cost way to freshen up your home.
  • Switch out the shelf paper – If you can’t remember when you last changed the shelf liners in your kitchen, it’s probably time for a redo. Changing the old liners will give you the opportunity to clean your shelves and drawers and start fresh this year. Adding a nonstick liner will make it easy for you to remove things from the shelves or drawers. You do not have to stick to the traditional white-colored shelf liners. Choose whatever color or pattern you fancy.
  • Cover old appliances with Appliance Art – If your fridge and dishwasher are functional but dated, consider adding Appliance Art covers in vinyl or magnetic. The covers are available in a broad spectrum of colors and designs.

You don’t have to have unlimited time or money to transform your kitchen for the New Year.