It’s time to think apples for National Apple Month. This holiday is observed in the United States each October. It is a celebration that puts emphasis on the promotion of apple and apple products in the country. It started back in 1904 and was aimed at helping to increase sales for the apple industry and to enhance the awareness of the importance, usage, and benefits of apples and other apple products. People celebrate National Apple Month in different ways. Some retailers hold contests, seminars, roadshows, and food bazaars featuring all things apple.

Celebrate National Apple Month

Apples are among America’s most beloved fruits. Perhaps it started back with American legend Johnny Appleseed who crisscrossed the Midwest, planting apple orchards in his iconic threadbare clothing and bare feet. Today, apples account for about one-fifth of total fruit consumption in the U.S. Among kids, apples make up the greatest proportion of whole fruit intake (20 percent). If you want to pay homage to apples this month, put apples into your lunch or snack bag or fill up your fruit bowl with different varieties of this crunchy fruit. Have a family taste test, and try out some less-common varieties of apples—Cosmic Crisp, Jazz, Cripps Pink, and Yellow Newton.

A Lasting Tribute to Apples

Beyond just eating the fruit, bring it into your home all year round with kitchen appliance covers from Appliance Art. Appliance Art’s apple appliance covers come in colorful designs that will give a new lease on life to your kitchen appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers. Consider these apple-themed appliance covers:

  • Apple Bowl Custom Dishwasher or Refrigerator Cover – Give your kitchen a country feel with a bowl of apples on a checkered tablecloth featured on this dishwasher or refrigerator cover. Simply apply the art to the surface of the dishwasher or refrigerator cover and use the included squeegee to make it adhere. The vinyl sheet is easy to cut to fit the size of your appliances.
  • An Apple A Day Dishwasher Cover – This dishwasher cover features a print of a hand-painted original by the famous American artist Marti Idlet, depicting an enticing bowl of red apples.

The covers come in vinyl and magnet. They breathe life into old appliances and pay tribute to delicious, nutritious apples all year long.