Americans celebrate National Thank You Month each January. The month-long observance allows us to express gratitude to the people who have improved our lives. Businesses owe their existence to their customers who support and patronize their products. Without patrons, a business would shrivel up and die.

National Thank You Month

(Pixabay / 6072518)

During the celebration of National Thank You Month, the team behind Appliance Art wants to thank our loyal customers who keep us doing what we love—making great-looking covers for refrigerators and dishwashers. The positive reviews from our customers—both online and through word of mouth—have allowed us to thrive as a company.

Appliance Art makes hundreds of appliance cover designs reflecting different holidays and themes. If your appliances are looking old and tired but you don’t have the budget for new ones, you can simply apply a vinyl or magnetic cover and get a whole new look for your kitchen.

In the spirit of National Thank You month, we’d like to recommend just a couple practices to help you thank the people in your life:

  • Write a note. The simple thank you note is becoming a lost art with the advent of the Digital Age. Still, there’s something truly exciting about seeing a hand-written thank you note in the mailbox. Express gratitude to the people who bless your life by mailing off a thank you note this January.
  • Give a compliment. Too often, our kind words go unspoken. If you appreciate or admire someone, be sure to relay this in the course of your next conversation.
  • Give a gift. A little surprise gift on a co-worker’s desk, a neighbor’s doorstep, or in a loved one’s briefcase or backpack can go a long way in expressing thanks.

Know that all of us at Appliance Art are thankful for you. We appreciate your support of our products and look forward to continuing to serve you in the coming year.