National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the U.S. beginning on September 15 and ending on October 15. The celebration recognizes people of Hispanic heritage and the role their culture plays in American society.

September 15 was chosen as the beginning of the celebration because it marks the confluence of Independence Day for five Latin American countries. Three additional countries, Mexico, Chile, and Belize, celebrate the anniversary of their independence on September 16, September 18, and September 21 respectively.

During the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, communities nationwide hold festivals and other activities to honor Hispanic heritage and culture. Different government and civic organizations sponsor music festivals and cultural fairs.

Homes may fly flags from different Latin countries. Restaurants may feature specialty menus with Latin cuisine. Schools may show movies or read books that help students learn about the people, foods, and traditions that characterize the culture.

Aside from Hispanic Heritage Month, you can see vestiges of the culture in everyday life in the U.S. Where décor is concerned, many homes in the Southwest showcase hand-painted tiles with ornate designs and bright colors. They may also adapt decorations that capture the quintessentially Latin emphasis on the connection between home and nature. They may adorn their walls with artwork that features landscapes and tropical plants.

Another mainstay of décor in Latin-influenced homes includes religious images such as crosses and bas-reliefs of saints. People may display faith-centered artifacts on walls, shelves, tables, or entry doors.

If you want to honor Hispanic Heritage in your kitchen, you can do so with the use of appliance covers for your refrigerator or dishwasher. The covers convey themes from different Latin countries. Appliance covers are available from Appliance Art.