Poems have the ability to adapt its life to the person reading it. From “Roses are red, violets are blue” to the more complex “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman, the world abounds with poems for all ages. The themes may be different, and the poet styles vary, but they all bring the same effect to those who read them. Needless to say, poems have the ability to touch one’s life. In recognition of National Poetry Month, here are some of the things that make poems so great.

Poems compel you to be a critical thinker

Reading poetry sharpens your brain and forces you to think outside of the box. Unlike stories wherein you simply have to read and imagine, the meaning of poems is usually never explicit. This means that you have to decipher what the poet is trying to convey. Being exposed to poetry can help you possess highly developed thinking skills.

Poems help you to be more insightful and to practice empathy

Poems stand the test of time. Many of the most popular poems were written centuries ago. Given this, poems can unite readers from various generations and across cultural boundaries. Poems can give you a glimpse of what people go through in various stages of history and in various parts of the world to help you develop a broader view on life.

Poems support you in developing emotionally

Poems can trigger different ranges of emotions. A poem can help you remember love like you had known before. Poems can give you a glimpse of what wrath feels like and how hopeless desperation can become.

Poets do not write poems with the intention to be famous, but rather they do their craft because they need an outlet to release feelings. This is the reason why you may be drawn to a particular writer as you may identify with their joys, struggles, and overall emotions.

A good poem can touch your intellect, your heart, and your soul. The words and rhymes can inspire you to be the best version of you. For a daily dose of inspiration inside your home, check out Appliance Art’s inspirational themed dishwasher covers.