People are on the prowl for the perfect restaurant for their Valentine’s Day dinner, but there are some drawbacks to dining out for the holiday. In a bustling restaurant, it could be more difficult to have a romantic experience. Rather than hitting the town, consider planning a dinner date at home on Valentine’s Day.

Love is in your Kitchen

(Pixabay / Sponchia)

You can cook the dinner yourself or work together with your significant other to prepare the food. Either way, you’ll want to make your kitchen look and feel romantic. Here are a few ideas to spice up your kitchen for the holiday:

  • Valentine-themed towels – Adorn the oven handle of your stove with love-themed hand towels to give your kitchen a Valentine’s Day accent. Most stores carry decorative towels in the lead up to the holiday.
  • Wall art – You probably already have art in your kitchen, but you can fill the frames with Valentine’s Day prints available for purchase online. You’ll find subway art with romantic phrases or vibrant paintings with hearts and other romantic icons.
  • Filled jars – Purchase apothecary jars in varying heights and fill them with red candies that you can buy cheaply at any dollar store. Arrange the jars on your kitchen countertop or on a shelf of your kitchen hutch.
  • Floral arrangements – Flowers are a must on Valentine’s Day. You can’t go wrong with red roses, but there are lots of other options, too. Consider tulips, orchids, or daisies.
  • Plenty of red and pink – The colors are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Spread out a red tablecloth and accent with pink napkins. Invest in red serving platters. (They’ll come in handy for other holidays such as Cinco de Mayo and Christmas.) If you’re low on money, cut hearts out of red and pink construction paper and plaster them on the walls.
  • Appliance art – Wrap your refrigerator and dishwasher with covers from Appliance Art. There are Valentine’s Day-themed appliance covers that will add a romantic ambiance to your kitchen. They come in vinyl or magnet-backed depending on your preference and are easy to apply.

Decorating your kitchen for Valentine’s Day will create the romantic atmosphere that you may not find in a restaurant full of people as you share an intimate dinner with your loved one.