You can effectively manage your household budget if you know the life expectancy of your home appliances. Knowing when you may need to replace an appliance will allow you to set aside a budget for its purchase.

You can maximize the life of your appliances if you maintain them properly. Having your appliances checked regularly by a repairman will allow potential problems to be addressed and delay the breakdown of your machines.

Nothing runs forever. Here’s a listing of lifespans of common household appliances:

  • A dishwasher has an average life expectancy of 12 years. If not properly maintained, your dishwasher could expire after just nine years. Proper care could optimize it for up to 16 years.
  • A refrigerator has an average life span of eight years but could break down after as few as four years without proper maintenance. You can optimize the life of your refrigerator for up to 12 years if you use it properly and keep up with regular repairs.
  • A washing machine could be expected to last up to 12 years with good maintenance, but it could be out of service in as few as eight years.
  • An electric clothes dryer could work well for a maximum of 18 years and a minimum of 11 years. The average lifespan is 14 years. Gas clothes dryers can expect a maximum life of 16 years and a minimum of 11 years, with 13 years as the average.
  • Garbage disposals typically survive 13 years, but they could run out after just 10. You could extend your disposal up to 15 years with good maintenance.
  • A freezer has an average life of 16 years and a minimum of 12. With proper care, a freezer can run for 20 years.

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