August 21 is designated as National Senior Citizens Day. The day is intended to recognize aging members of society for all of their contributions to their families, work establishments, and communities.

Many seniors prefer to age in place, maintaining their independence instead of moving to retirement homes or similar facilities. They may want to continue performing the normal activities of living such as cleaning the house, cooking meals, doing the laundry, and even taking care of the yard. While their ability to perform certain tasks may diminish with age, they may still want to work and contribute as much as physically possible.

The kitchen is generally the “Grand Central Station” of the home where people love to cook and congregate. Most seniors still want the flexibility to be active in meal preparation. To do this, they may need to redesign their kitchen to accommodate their changing health needs. The kitchen must be accessible to the bedrooms of senior citizens—preferably on the same floor. Stairs should be taken out of the equation if possible. This may involve moving the kitchen or the bedrooms. Given the plumbing challenges of the kitchen, the latter may be easier.

Appliances play a major role in the kitchen. Kitchen appliances should be within reach of the elderly. Choose appliances that are simple to operate with a clear, easy-to-read information display. Small kitchen appliances that are normally placed atop kitchen counters must be moved to another location that can be more easily accessed by seniors in wheelchairs.

The kitchen sink is another vital component of the kitchen. The height of the kitchen sink must be adjusted to accommodate seniors with limited mobility. If you have a deep kitchen sink in the house, replace it with a shallow one. A faucet that operates hands-free is an especially useful upgrade. Otherwise, choose one with a lever handle rather than knobs that turn. Create space under the sink for the wheelchair-bound.

Incorporate stylish kitchen decorating ideas to freshen up the overall look of the kitchen. If appliances are old or drab, cover them with Appliance Art. You can choose beautiful scenery, colorful flowers, holiday-themed covers, and more. There are thousands of options for sprucing up your appliances.