In the past, cluttered kitchen with pot racks and cooking utensils hanging from backsplashes have been all the rage. This year’s trendy kitchen, though, plays down the function of food preparation, emphasizing a clean, minimalist look. It includes hidden appliances and hydraulic doors. Color is in, too, in bold new combinations.

The top kitchen trends today include the following:

  • Tuxedo kitchen cabinets – The traditional white kitchen cabinetry belongs to yesterday. Tuxedo cabinets are a literal interpretation of a tuxedo’s black and white color scheme. This bold contrast gives a vibrant atmosphere to your kitchen. You can also use navy blue and gray for a softer contrast.
  • Hidden appliances – We are shifting from our giant appliances made of cold, industrial-looking stainless steel. The latest trend is to hide the appliances so they blend into the kitchen design. This is a departure from freestanding appliances sticking out in every nook and corner of the kitchen. Microwaves, for example, are tucked away inside cabinets and kitchen islands.
  • Wood paneling – You may have thought it died out with Grandma’s kitchen, but paneling is back. White paneling is particularly trendy.
  • Mixed hardware finishes – Gone are the days of monochromatic kitchen cabinetry. The trend now involves using appliances and accessories with different finishes, including pewter, gold, or copper. The new mix can result in an eclectic and unique kitchen space.
  • New functionality – It is not only the color of the kitchen cabinets that is changing. Cabinet doors and drawers are changing in terms of functionality, too. The hottest new thing is the use of hydraulic doors that open or close with the touch of a button. The opening options are flexible, which is perfect in kitchens were space is a challenge.
  • Colored kitchen sinks – The new trend is to move away from the standard stainless steel or white for kitchen sinks into the eye-catching colors of green and other hues. You can use the same color for the kitchen sink and the backsplash.

Giving your kitchen a makeover adds great value to your house. And since we tend to spend many of our waking hours in or near the kitchen, it can reinvigorate our desire spend quality time at home.