Since the kitchen is the epicenter of the home, it deserves some extra love. If your kitchen is looking a little tired, consider a makeover. If you decide to pursue a more up-to-date look, make sure to get in on the latest and greatest in kitchen style.

Kitchen Trends for 2018

(Pixabay / sferrario1968)

Here’s what’s trending in 2018:

  • Design-your-own tiles – You can get unique tiles for your kitchen backsplash by designing them yourself. Specialized companies allow you to create your tile design online using their apps. Your design will be converted into stylish tiles and shipped to your home.
  • Appliance garages – In line with the minimalist concept of today’s kitchen, you can reduce the clutter on your countertops by parking your small appliances in their proper storage place—an appliance garage. You will have more breathing room and ample workspace when you stash the clutter in a designated space away from the countertop.
  • Gold accents – Rose gold and copper are dominant metals in today’s kitchens. From your faucet to cabinet hardware, from your coffee pot to your soup pot, look for rose gold or copper accents to add beauty and elegance to your kitchen.
  • Simple luxury – Give your kitchen a touch of luxury with state-of-the-art appliances. These technologically-advanced appliances can make your kitchen look sleek and increase your energy efficiency.
  • Two-tone cabinets – Cabinets with a single color belong to the past. The trend now is to use two tones for cabinetry. You can paint your cabinets with contrasting colors, such as white and black, or any other color combination that you want. Do not be afraid to experiment or go bold.
  • Dark-colored walls – Kitchens were white for many years, but the trend is moving toward darker kitchen walls and cabinets. Deep plum is a popular shade.
  • Use appliance covers – Can’t afford the latest appliances? Try stylish appliance covers from Appliance Art. The company offers vinyl or magnetic coverings in hundreds of attractive designs. They are easy to apply, and their low price will allow you to spend money on other parts of the kitchen.

If your kitchen is due for a facelift, perk it up with a few cutting-edge upgrades.