At Appliance Art, we love two things in life; jokes and the kitchen. That’s why April Fools is one of our favorite occasions. This April Fools, are you going to be the prankster or the unsuspecting victim? These kitchen prank ideas will help you get a head start on playing the part of prankster. Try at your own risk.

  1. Mayonnaise-filled doughnuts. Instead of the usual custard, strawberry, or chocolate fillings, fill up a donut with mayonnaise. Enjoy watching their reaction after your victim takes the first bite.
  2. Place a handful of plastic insects in the cupboards and drawers, or wherever you know someone will open early in the morning. Scatter a handful of fake spiders or cockroaches to ensure a morning scream from your target.m
  3. Caramel onions? Who doesn’t like carmel apples? For an extra cruel prank, whip up a batch of carmel apples, but use onions instead. After the first bite you better run.
  4. Label everything in your kitchen with sticky notes. Everything. Put notes on each banana labeling each as “banana.” Label milk, juice, silverware. Everything. A sure-fire way to annoy.
  5. Rubberband the sink sprayer. An oldie but goodie. Place a rubber band around the kitchen sink’s hose sprayer. As soon as someone turns on the sink they’ll get a blast of cool water.

What are your favorite kitchen pranks?