Is your kitchen stuck in the past? If so, you may need a few kitchen decorating ideas to bring it up to date.

Here are a few red flags that suggest that your kitchen has slid into obsolescence:

  • Avocado or burnt orange kitchen appliances – If you still have kitchen appliances in these colors, your energy consumption is likely high. The appliances are not just drab showcases of passé colors but also energy-guzzling machines from yesteryear. People are encouraged to replace their old, inefficient appliances with those that bear the eco-friendly Energy Star label.
  • Exposed cabinetry hinges – Cabinet doors from several decades ago had exposed hinges. Those are masked behind today’s cabinet designs. Renovate your cabinetry by installing European-style hidden hinges for a fresh, clean look.
  • Over-the-stove microwave oven – This is how they did it in the 1990s. For a more current approach, uninstall your microwave and open up the space above your stove. You can include the microwave in your cabinetry and even install a microwave drawer.
  • Fluorescent lights – These were all the rage a few decades ago, but not today. Replace your old kitchen lighting with a combination of general and task lighting, such as chandeliers or pendants over the kitchen island.
  • Tired-looking refrigerator and dishwasher – If your appliances still work efficiently but the doors are an unsightly color or scratched and faded, give them a breath of new life with covers from Appliance Art.

If your kitchen needs some freshening up, check magazines, online home décor sites, or home improvement stores for stylish, new kitchen ideas.