Imagine just one day without a functioning refrigerator. Think of all the food that would go to waste without its cooling properties. The refrigerator is one of the greatest inventions, making our lives far easier and more convenient. But as important as the refrigerator is, most people don’t know much about exactly how it works or how to keep it functioning optimally.

Here are some important things to know for sustaining the life of your refrigerator:

  • Check for the correct temperature – A temperature must have a range between 35°F and 38°F. It is considered to be unsafe for the fridge to exceed 40°F. At this temperature level, the food is susceptible to growing harmful bacteria or spoiling. Having a freestanding thermometer for your refrigerator will allow you to check the temperature reading and make adjustments when needed.
  • Use the crisper drawers correctly – The crisper drawers, also known as humidity drawers, are designed to preserve your produce correctly. There are usually two drawers at the lowest part of your fridge. One is a low-humidity drawer and the other is a high-humidity drawer. The low-humidity drawer is designed to hold fruits while the high-humidity drawer is designed to hold vegetables.
  • Organize the refrigerator for ease and safety – The foods in the refrigerator must be arranged according to the temperature at which they need to be cooked. The prepared or no-cook foods should get the top shelf while those that require high-temperature cooking, such as chicken and other meats, should be at the bottom. The door is the warmest part of the refrigerator, and it should be used for condiments. Refrain from putting milk and eggs in the refrigerator’s door.
  • Help it run efficiently – Your refrigerator will not work efficiently if it is leaking cool air. Always check for leaks in the door seal that could put unnecessary stress on your fridge motor. Putting hot food items inside the refrigerator will also cause your fridge to work harder.
  • Clean your refrigerator – You should clean and organize the contents of your refrigerator at least every two weeks. This will allow you to remove old, spoiled food and maintain a streamlined inventory the fridge.

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