One thing we get asked about over and over is the durability of Instant Granite. While I can rattle off the specs of the material all day long, its pretty hard to understand those figures in a real world sense. So, I decided to do a little experiment to show you guys just how durable this material really is. I was desperately needing to re-pot my succulents, and thought that would be the perfect “real life” test of the Instant Granite. So, I brought my plants into the office, covered a work space in our Chestnut Instant Granite, and got to work. I am no professional green thumb, and this re-potting session was filled with spilt soil, plenty of mud, and maybe a broken pot or two. But, alas, the Instant Granite held up beautifully!

Indoor DIY succulent potting surface instant granite counter durable garden

Once the succulents were potted, I was quickly able to wipe the Instant Granite clean. Check out how beautiful the reflection is, I really love the way this picture came out. Also – how cute is that glass @raedunn terrarium? I am still trying to decide what I’d like to place in there.