I get calls at least weekly from worried customers wondering how ‘temporary’ is Instant Granite? These questions come from both sides of the coin. I hear from the homeowner who just isn’t in the place to buy real granite yet wanting to make sure that Instant Granite will hold up to real life in the kitchen, as well as renters who are concerned about whether or not the product will cause damage to to the original counters below. The answer is…Instant Granite will be as temporary of a solution as you need it to be!

I know, I know….it sounds to good to be true, right? Well, believe it! The adhesive we use on our product is solvent based and pressure activated. Essentially, this means that the adhesive isn’t triggered to activate until a certain amount of pressure is applied during installation. On the flip side, the adhesive is triggered to release once a certain amount of pressure is applied when pulling it off. Now, there may be a small amount of “sticky” left behind, but this can easily be cleaned with a wet wash-cloth. No ruined counter tops, no upset landlords! The days of permanently decorating are behind us. The amount of style and design inspiration accessible these days can be overwhelming, and it makes sense to us that the average person is not going to want the exact same counter top forever. Enter Instant Granite. When you begin to feel ready to change up your decor, simply peel it up!

Now, we are also aware that wanting a product to be removable does not equal being okay with a product that is flimsy. This is why we pride ourselves on the durability of Instant Granite. If cared for and installed properly this product will last. In fact, the image above is from a customer – this is her counter about 3 years (!!!) after installation. It still looks as good as new. If you are still feeling skeptical about Instant Granite – grab a sample for yourself! Apply the samples to a high traffic area of your kitchen, and leave it for a week or so. You will be able to see the durability of the product, and when a week is up….simply peel it off!