Holly, ivy, mistletoe, and other greens were used in antiquity to celebrate the Winter Solstice. These plants were also used to ward off evil spirits. The significance of the plants was carried over into Christianity in Western Europe. The British and Germans popularized their use as decorations with religious undertones. For example, the prickly holly leaves came to represent the crown of thorns Jesus was forced to wear on his head before his crucifixion. The berries symbolized the drops of blood that Jesus shed. Holly became known as “Christ’s thorn” among Scandinavian people.

Mistletoe was associated with fertility and vitality throughout the Middle Ages. It was later adopted in European culture as a symbol of romantic love. In Victorian England, a man was allowed to kiss any woman standing beneath a hanging cluster of mistletoe. If the woman refused the kiss, she would be destined for bad luck.

During the holiday season, Christmas greens such as holly and mistletoe adorn houses all over the world. We “deck the halls with boughs of holly” as a way to invoke the Christmas spirit. The green plants with red berry accents bring a splash of Christmas color and the warmth of tradition.

Christmas Wreath Dishwasher Cover

Since the kitchen is a functional area and often cramped for space, it may be hard to properly decorate it for the holidays. Thus, the place in the home where we tend to spend much of our time is left unadorned. If that’s the case in your home, consider livening it up with holiday appliance covers from ApplianceArt.com

The Christmas Holiday Wreath Custom Dishwasher Cover is available as vinyl with adhesive backing or as a magnetic cover. It will add an explosion of holiday color to your kitchen without taking up any extra space. If your dishwasher is looking outdated or worn, Appliance Art adds a classy, modern finish at a fraction of the cost of a new dishwasher.

Appliance Art provides free installation instructions. Before ordering a magnetic cover, make sure that your dishwasher is indeed magnetic. If it is not, get the vinyl option that comes with a free squeegee for easy installation. The cover can be cleaned with water and soap or any other mild household cleaner, except those that contain alcohol or thinner. This dishwasher cover is removable and can be reused if stored properly.

The dishwasher cover comes in small, with 18” x 23.5” measurements, or large, with 26” x 23.5” measurements. If you have a dishwasher of a different size, please mention that in the “comments” section under the payment information.