It’s National Thank You Month, and all of us at Appliance Art want to express our sincere thanks to you for patronizing our products. Last year was a great year for our company thanks to our loyal customers. Many people think that the only way to update an old appliance is to buy a new one, but that can be very expensive. In the past year, many of our customers gave their kitchen a facelift inexpensively by simply applying Appliance Art covers to their refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers.

If you are happy with your Appliance Art covers, we encourage you to share the news with your friends. The best compliment we can receive from our customers is a word-of-mouth referral. Our job is to make your appliances look better and more festive, and we love to share our product with old and new customers alike.

Appliance Art updates outdated dishwashers and old refrigerators with its extensive selection of magnetic or vinyl appliance panels. If you feel that your kitchen has lost its beauty and appeal because of drab appliances, you need not spend thousands of dollars to make your kitchen vibrant and modern again.

Appliance Art has hundreds of types of appliance covers with different colors, textures, landscapes, sports, and holiday themes. There is a panel for every occasion you can think of. You can make your appliance cover a permanent new look or changing it up regularly depending on the season of the year.

If your kitchen feels gloomy, brighten it up with a boldly-colored dishwasher cover or add a lovely landscape cover to your refrigerator. Bring the wonders of nature indoorswith appliance covers that depict underwater or mountain scenes or tropical beach shorelines.

When winter sets in, decorate your appliances with snow-covered scenes or holiday covers depicting Santa, holiday wreaths, or pine cones.

Installing Appliance Art covers can be done in a snap. When you receive your order of either vinyl or magnetic appliance covers, you will receive an installation kit in the mail. The magnetic panels can simply be placed on the front of the appliances. Vinyl panels require a short application process, which includes cleaning the appliance surface, sticking the panel in place with the help of a squeegee, and trimming the edges with a utility knife.

Replacing your Appliance Art cover is also easy. Simply peel the cover off the surface of the appliance. Clean it and keep it in storage for future use.

Again, we thank you for a great year. We look forward to serving your continuing appliance cover needs and welcome your referrals of family and friends as well.