Granite is a type of rock with phaneritic and granular texture. It predominantly comes in white, gray, and pink. Granite is a very hard, durable type of rock. It has been used throughout human history in various ways and in contemporary times as a construction stone.

Granite rock can be found all over the continental crust. It is also the most abundant basement rock. It occurs in circular depressions that are surrounded by hills. Granite was formed in recent geologic times. It is less dense than rocks made of silicate materials.

Granite and other marble industries may be considered among the oldest trades in the world. They have been in existence since the time of Ancient Egypt. Several countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, India, Italy, Spain, and Sweden, are major exporters of granite.

The Red Pyramid of Egypt, built around the 26th century BC, is one of the largest Egyptian pyramids. It was constructed with a combination of granite blocks and limestone. Granite is prominent in many other famous Egyptian pyramids.

Today, granite is widely used for memorials and gravestones. Granite is so hard that it has long been difficult to carve, but Alexander MacDonald changed that by inventing cutting tools that were powered by steam. The tools were used to carve polished granite tombstones, the first of which was installed at London’s Kensal Green Cemetery in 1832. At present, granite can be carved using computer-controlled rotary bits. Artwork may be added using sandblasting over rubber stencils.

Granite is extensively used for flooring tiles and dimension stone in monuments and buildings. It is also used for kitchen countertops, which are classy and attractive but expensive.

Appliance Art

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