Sunday, May 14 is Mother’s Day, which means you may be scrambling around in search of the perfect gift. On Mother’s Day, we honor the mothers and mother figures in our lives. We can do this through kind words, a thoughtful card, or a gift.

Though no tangible gift can truly capture the depth of love we may feel toward our mothers, here are a few ideas that will make her Mother’s Day a memorable one:

  • Plant flowers or a vegetable garden together – If your mom has a green thumb, buy her some gardening tools, seeds, or a gardening book. Best of all, work at her side to help her get her garden started.
  • Go to the beach – If you live close to a beach or body of water, pack a picnic and head to the beach or shore with your mom. Join her in a game of Frisbee or just let her soak in the sun and enjoy the water.
  • Treat her to a future family vacation – Surprise your mom with tickets for a family getaway to a destination she has been dreaming about.
  • Host a dinner – Host a lunch in honor of mothers. Invite your mom (of course) and all of her friends as well.
  • Give the gift of adventure – If your mom has a daring spirit, she may be pining for a helicopter ride, hang-gliding excursion, or hot-air balloon trip. She may not budget for such frivolities on her own, but if you make the reservations for her, she’ll be more likely to go and add a thing or two to her bucket list.
  • See a show or a movie together – Treat your mom to a night on the town with tickets to a concert, play, or movie. Your mom will enjoy the chance to get out—with you as her “date.”
  • Cook for her – Give your mom a coupon for a free homemade dinner that she can redeem anytime. Offer to be the chef and clean up crew.
  • Buy her an appliance cover – Get your mom an appliance cover from Appliance Art. Choose from a variety of themes, including those that honor women such as the Amish Women Custom Dishwasher Cover.

Giving something special to your mom on Mother’s Day will show your appreciation for all her hard work and sacrifices for you.