Halloween—a time for costume parties and trick or treating. The holiday is also known as All Hallows’ Eve. It is observed in many countries to celebrate the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. Halloween traditions are thought to have their root in Celtic harvest celebrations. Whatever the origins, it’s a fun excuse for Americans to feast on candy, tell ghost stories, take in a scary movie or haunted house, carve pumpkins and adorn the house’s exterior with vampires and skeletons.

Scary Kitchen

No need to leave the scary décor outside, though. You can bring it inside with Appliance Art products. Appliance Art has many Halloween decorating ideas to convert the kitchen to Halloween mode. Some of the Halloween ideas from Appliance Art include the following:

  1. Halloween Cat in Moon Dishwasher Cover – The black cat is synonymous with Halloween and anything scary or forboding. A dishwasher cover that depicts a black cat with a full orange moon backdrop fully evokes the Halloween spirit. If your dishwasher is magnetic, choose the magnetic material. If not, opt for vinyl which can be applied with the free squeegee (included).
  2. Frankenstein Halloween Dishwasher Cover – There is no Halloween without Frankenstein. Bring this scary creature to life once more with a dishwasher cover. The material can easily be cut or trimmed to fit any size of dishwasher door.
  3. Zombie Graveyard Top & Bottom Fridge Cover – Zombies scour the terrain for brains after they escape from their graves. What’s scarier than that? Attach this harrowing scene to your refrigerator this Halloween.

All of these options come in vinyl or magnet. They are easy to apply. You can also remove them easily and store them for next year. Celebrate in style this Halloween with Appliance Art covers.