Of all the rooms in the home, we tend to spend the most time in the kitchen. If you’re tired of the same old backdrop in your kitchen, consider using the New Year as an excuse to give it a face lift.

You don’t have to spend a fortune. Try these small, economical updates to breathe new life into your kitchen:

  • Add or change lighting – Older kitchens typically have dim lighting. Changing your fixtures to add more light to your kitchen can make a big difference.
  • Change drawer and shelf liners – If you don’t have liners in your cabinetry or if your liners are getting old, apply new liners for a fresh, new look. You can use non-stick liners to make cleaning or replacement very easy and convenient. Go plain or opt for bold, new colors.
  • Add a kitchen rug – If you have older flooring, add a brightly colored cotton rug. You’ll need to vacuum frequently to keep food from accumulating on the rug, but the color and texture may be just the change your kitchen has been needing.
  • Replace the kitchen faucet – The faucet gets a whole lot of play time. If yours is dull, tarnished, or prone to leaks, replace it with a shiny new faucet.
  • Update cabinet hardware – You may not have money to replace old cabinetry, but just changing out the knobs can give cabinets and drawers a quick, economical face lift. There are many hardware options ranging from classic to modern and plenty in between.
  • Cover ugly countertops – If you don’t love your countertop but don’t have budget for a new one, consider covering it with a stylish runner or big, sleek cutting board.
  • Use Appliance Art covers – If your appliances are looking tired or unstylish, mask them with beautiful appliance art covers. They are easy to apply and can reflect nature scenes, holidays, or chic designs.

Making little changes here and there can add up to significant improvements. Make your kitchen an inviting place to be in 2017.