Football fever is in the air as Super Bowl LI approaches. On February 5, 2017, the big game will kick off at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Over 110 million viewers are expected to tune into the game. Advertisers hoping for a piece of the action will spend at least $5 million for a 30-second commercial on television.

You may be scheming now about holding your own Super Bowl party, planning your menu and stockpiling soda. If you plan to host a bash this year, consider giving your kitchen a football-themed makeover with appliance covers from Appliance Art.

Football-themed kitchen

Start with a football-themed cover for your dishwasher. You can choose between the Football Field Custom Dishwasher Cover and the Football 50-Yard Line Dishwasher Cover.

The Football Field Custom Dishwasher Cover depicts an image of a football resting on the field. The Football 50-Yard Line Dishwasher Cover zeroes in on the “50”painted white on the rich green of the playing field. Both will add new life to tired, outdated, or scuffed appliances and provide a built-in decoration for your party.

Both dishwasher covers are available as vinyl with adhesive backing or as a magnet. Installation is easy as instructions come with your order at delivery. If you are planning to order the magnetic version, make sure to check your dishwasher and ensure that it is magnetic. If not, you will need to go with the vinyl option.

Both the vinyl and the magnetic covers can be easily cleaned with water and mild soap or other household cleaners. Just make sure that the cleaner does not contain alcohol or any type of paint thinner which could damage the vinyl. The dishwasher covers are reusable after proper removal and storage—perfect for next year’s party, too.