A Match Made in DIY Heaven:

When DIY queen Shelly, over at 100 Things 2 do, reached out to us to partner with her for her budget kitchen upgrade, I was thrilled. Her ingenuity and can-do attitude made her the dream blogger to for us to partner with. Plus, the project she proposed was right up our alley! Shelly was on the hunt for ways to upgrade her kitchen while sticking to a budget and reasonable timeline. Not quite ready to take the dive into the world of cabinet painting, Shelly felt stuck….until she found out about Instant Granite. We were thrilled to help her transform her somewhat dated and dark kitchen into a space she now loves to spend time. It was a pleasure to watch Shelly dive into this project and end up with a budget kitchen upgrade that will really blow you away!

DIY budget kitchen upgrade using Instant Granite. Close-up of the corners wrapped in Instant Granite

Shelly’s kitchen was thirteen years old, which, in the grand scheme of things, is not that old. However, as years pass, styles change and this made her former “warm and dark” look feel pretty dated. Plus, Shelly mentioned some major scruffs, scratches, wear and tear throughout her kitchen counters – so she knew she wanted to make a change to spruce up that surface in her kitchen.

This is what the kitchen looked like before Instant Granite was used in this budget kitchen upgrade
Before Shelly’s Budget Kitchen Upgrade

Instant Granite Installation:

Inspired by her friend’s quartz kitchen, Shelly knew the look she wanted. Unfortunately, full on counter-top replacement can be expensive (not to mention time-consuming). So, when Shelly happened upon Instant Granite, she was thrilled that she had found an affordable way to include a counter-top change in her budget kitchen upgrade! She especially loved that Instant Granite came in a 36″ width, which is considerably larger than the typical width of contact paper (24″). To put it simply, this larger width makes installation easier and gives you a cleaner look!

Instant Granite comes in a whooping 36" width - larger than most contact papers - which makes installation a breeze!
Venetian Gold Instant Granite in a 36″ width

After ordering samples, Shelly decided on the Venetian Gold pattern of Instant Granite and got to work! First, she cleaned her counters thoroughly! This is an important step – did you know that grease, dust, and residue can interfere with the adhesion of Instant Granite? It’s true! After cleaning her counters with a typical household cleaner, she was ready for install! If you find yourself with installation questions, check out this page.

Instant Granite Installation:

Shelly found that the 36″ width would work perfectly for her counter-tops (we’ve found that it is a great width for your average depth counter-top). Following the installation instructions, Shelly pre-cut her instant granite to the length needed for her counters, and left a 2″ overhang to wrap under the edges of the counter. This step is important, as it keeps water from being able to seep in, and helps keep your edges clean!

Beautiful counter-tops after installing Instant Granite in this budget kitchen upgrade.
Shelly’s Kitchen Brightening Up

While Shelly found that our standard 36″ width worked perfectly for her counter-tops, she knew her kitchen island was just a bit larger. Always down for little bit of DIY fun, Shelly decided to give installing with a seam a go. Most of the patterns we offer, including the Venetian gold, lend themselves well to an installation with a seam, as the granite pattern is pretty forgiving. Shelly installed the Instant Granite on her kitchen island, placing the seam as far away from the sink as possible. This is a smart idea for a few reasons. First, it typically just looks better. Secondly, keeping the seam away from the sink helps keep any bits of water from seeping under the material. Check out how beautiful her island looks after install – can you even tell there is a seam there? We can’t!

This kitchen island was covering with Instant Granite using a seam, but the finished product is so gorgeous, you can't tell!
Beautiful Kitchen Island

The Budget Kitchen Upgrade Reveal:

We were just so blown away by the results of this budget kitchen upgrade, and were so pleased to help Shelly achieve the look she was going for. I mean, really – check out these stunning after shots:

the final product of this budget kitchen upgrade reveals a beautiful kitchen that exudes elegance and style.
A bright new kitchen on a budget!

Are You Inspired?

Are you feeling inspired by this budget kitchen upgrade and ready to start the process yourself? Order some samples or check out our Ultimate Guide to Instant Granite and learn more about the product! Shelly was also a super star at providing in-depth detail and instruction on her blog post AND provided YouTube tutorials that will undoubtedly be helpful in understanding what Instant Granite installation looks like. We hope you are as inspired by this budget kitchen upgrade as we were! As always, shoot us an e-mail if you have any questions at all about a project you are wanting to cover!