Labor Day was created to honor the workers who contributed to the economic development of the country as well as to the improvement of workplace standards. The benefits that American laborers now enjoy can be traced largely to the efforts and sacrifices of American workers throughout history.

Labor Day is celebrated in many ways. There are the traditional parades and speeches, and many people focus on making the most of much-needed downtime. On average, American laborers work longer hours and take less vacation than their counterparts in other countries in the western hemisphere. Labor Day gives them a chance to step away from their jobs and focus on other pursuits.

With Labor Day falling at the end of summer, many families seize the day as a final opportunity to enjoy the allures of summer. They may enjoy parties, picnics, hikes, barbecues or ball games before they head back to the grind of work or school.

If you are hosting guests for the holiday, you can decorate with patriotic items, including American flags. If you want to get your kitchen into the spirit of the day without using up valuable counter space, consider covering your appliances with themed vinyl or magnetic veneers.

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