Many people picture their dream kitchen as a grand space full of super-sized shining appliances with an expansive granite-covered island for chopping and serving up buffet items. Such may be the case in the McMansions of yesterday’s suburbia, but not so today

As more people return to urban centers, they are finding ways to live with fewer amenities and in smaller homes. The concept of the American dream kitchen is being redefined. As cities continue to get more crowded, kitchen spaces are shrinking. Millennials spend plenty of time away from home—working and socializing. As a result, the small kitchen, or micro-kitchen, is coming into vogue. Young city dwellers may live off of app-based delivery foods or chef-prepared meal kits that require only minimal cooking.

Small kitchens may be minimalist, but they can still have style. You can add panache to your kitchen with your choice of countertops and cabinets. If you are short on size, ditch full-size appliances for compact versions that could be conveniently fitted into your kitchen cabinetry.

You may be able to work a small island into your kitchen area, covered in elegant marble or granite. Pair it with Swedish-designed stools for a chic look. The island could feature a stovetop as well as cabinetry for extra storage.

You can add a lively atmosphere to your small kitchen with Appliance Art covers for your refrigerator or dishwasher. You may not have wall space for art, so why not use your appliances?

The covers come in vinyl or magnetic and in hundreds of different designs and color schemes. Change them out to reflect the season or the next big holiday. If your appliances are used and worn, these stylish covers could freshen them up for a trace of the cost of new appliances.