Is your dishwasher looking dated? Breathe new life into it with the Days of Wine and Roses dishwasher cover. You may not be able to afford a butler, but this cover may feel like the next best thing, depicting three gentlemen at your service with wine and roses at the ready. The classic colors and stylish design will enliven your kitchen and the whimsical scene will put a smile on your face.

This dishwasher cover is available either with magnetic backing or in vinyl with adhesive backing. If you are considering the former option, ensure that your dishwasher is magnetic. If not, choose the vinyl cover which comes with a free squeegee for easy installation.

All dishwasher cover materials can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Both the magnetic and the vinyl dishwasher covers can be rolled up, stored, and reused.

The dishwasher covers come in a large size (23.5-inch wide by 26-inch high) or smaller version (23.5-inch wide by 18-inch high).*

If your dishwasher needs a face lift, this Days of Wine and Roses custom dishwasher cover is a great option. It’s an economical way to update your appliance while adding panache to your kitchen.

This is just one of Appliance Art’s many covers for dishwashers and refrigerators. Before you pour thousands of dollars into new appliances, consider our stylish, colorful, and easy-to-apply covers.

*Magnetic dishwasher covers cannot be printed wider than 24 inches. Note that the production process may make the magnetic dishwasher cover vary by as much as ¼ inch in any direction.