Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year, competing with Black Friday in terms of total sales. Cyber Monday was created to give customers the chance to continue their holiday shopping after Black Friday via an online platform. Those with a distaste for the long lines and big crowds of Black Friday may prefer the shop-from-home holiday. Consumers spent $3.45 billion on Cyber Monday in 2016.

Cyber Monday

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There is no doubt that shoppers can save big when they shop on Cyber Monday. Just as with Black Friday, online retailers heavily discount their products to lure in business. Shoppers, however, need to exercise caution when they shop online to ensure that their personal information stays confidential.

Try these tips for safer online shopping:

  • Use only reliable wireless networks – Using Wi-Fi networks in questionable locations could compromise your online safety. Hackers could infect your mobile device with malware and get your account and password information. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks when you shop online.
  • Create unique usernames and strong passwords – You might be tempted to use login credentials that are easy to remember, but this may not be safe. If your username or password is weak, hackers could easily guess it. Use a variety of numbers and characters or a long string of random words that cannot be easily associated with you. Using a different password for each of your accounts is also a wise move.
  • Monitor your bank account – This is the time of year when consumers make a lot of online purchases. Be vigilant, and keep a close eye on your financial accounts. Ensure that you are familiar with the purchases reflected in the activity section of your account. Call immediately if you see questionable activity.
  • Use two-step authentication – Two-step authentication works like the usual login but requires a verification code that will be sent to another device. The second layer of security is a great defense against online fraud.

You can make your Cyber Monday shopping experience a smooth one by observing different safety protocols. Then you can enjoy your holiday shopping by looking for the best offers from various websites. Keep an eye out for Cyber Monday offers from Appliance Art that will allow you to implement beautiful kitchen ideas through the use of different appliance covers.