Some people have the mistaken notion that a country kitchen is synonymous with an unsophisticated one. Country simply means spare and clean, one that is dominated by simple shapes. It can revert to the styles of the past but can still maintain a fresh, streamlined appearance.

Country Kitchen Design Ideas

(Pixabay / kirkandmimi)

If you’re interested in achieving a country look for your kitchen, consider these ideas:

  • Go yellow – The use of yellow in the kitchen, such as on walls and cabinets, invokes a country or rustic look. To heighten the country atmosphere, you can add diagonal tiles for the backsplash, open shelves, and a hanging pot rack.
  • Rustic flooring – Add hardwood floors using beech or cypress wood. They will complement your country look, and they are easy to care for.
  • White cabinets with glass fronts – If you want a sophisticated country-style kitchen, you can begin with white cabinets with glass fronts. Add a touch of class with black granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. If you can’t afford new stainless appliances, opt for Appliance Art covers that come in vinyl and magnetic. They’re easy to apply and come in hundreds of colors and designs—including faux stainless steel.
  • Rustic table – Choose a rustic wooden table with a no-frills design and rough-hewn wooden benches
  • Cherry and maple cabinets – The pairing of these two unique types of wood – cherry and maple – instantly adds a country touch to your kitchen. To add more country flair, add a fancy window valance, glass-insert cabinets, and diagonally set floor tiles.
  • Homey breakfast bar – Few things cozy up a kitchen like a breakfast bar. If you’re redoing your layout, set the bar at a diagonal. Add a lattice wine rack and some old-fashioned wooden chairs.

A country look offers plenty of options. Think of reviving an old-style kitchen but leaving the kitschy antiques in the past. You don’t need a rocking chair to achieve a country look. Mix winning styles from the past (think rough-hewn, unstained wood) with sophisticated looks from the present, and you can create a kitchen that’s exploding with style.