At Appliance Art, we help people make their appliances sparkle with our stylish, colorful appliance covers. While beautifying appliances is one aspect of appliance care, cleaning them is yet another.

Regularly cleaning your kitchen appliances will bring the following benefits:

  • Improved performance – Over time, dirt can build up in appliances, compromising their efficiency and even causing them to break down. Your appliances will perform at their best if you keep them clean at all times. Make sure to follow the instruction manual for cleaning each of your different appliances.
  • Increased durability – You can add years to the life of your kitchen appliances by cleaning them regularly. It’s worth the time and effort to perform routine upkeep. Otherwise, you could find yourself prematurely having to buy replacement appliances.
  • Decrease in waste – Your refrigerator will work better when you clean it out periodically. Overstuffing your fridge will prevent proper air circulation, resulting in food spoilage and higher power bills. A jam-packed refrigerator will also overwork the compressor, cutting its lifespan short.
  • Healthier kitchen environment – Clean kitchen appliances are less likely to harbor germs and bacteria that can make you sick.
  • Less critters – Bugs can enter your kitchen through nooks and crannies, drawn by the scent of residual food and spills on kitchen appliances. Keep the area around your appliances clean and deprive these pests of a place to thrive.

As you attack your spring cleaning, take a few hours to clean out your appliances. Being proactive can help you extend the life of your appliances, make them more efficient, and maintain a sanitary, fresh environment in your kitchen.