It’s tax refund season. Instead of wasting money on the latest gadget that will only last a few months or keep your attention for only a few weeks, invest in something that will pay for itself and give you a return for years – your home.

One of the best ways to liven up your house and bring back its inviting charm is by remodeling the kitchen. For most households, the kitchen is the place where family members gather and create lasting memories. And for the little chef in you, this place is your “studio,” a place where you let your inner culinary artistry come out and explore.

While many people dream of remodeling their kitchen only to be scared away by budget, there ar financially savvy ways to create a whole new kitchen look without breaking the bank. Here are some budget-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas.

Thoroughly clean the kitchen walls and floors.

Start with the basics. Sometimes it is easy to forget that your kitchen walls and floors are unique and attractive to begin with. Years of cooking, grease, and smoke can dinge your walls so slowly that you don’t even notice. Take a before and after photo so you can see just how dramatically different the improvement is.

Paint kitchen furniture instead of buying new.

If your kitchen cabinets, tables, and other furniture are still in good condition, you don’t have to replace them. Just buy a can or two of fresh paint and coat the furniture in colors that will complement a new look. You will be surprised as to how beautifully different a coating of paint can make your kitchen look.

Re-do your walls to be a centerpiece for productivity.

Add a layer of our instant chalkboard wall paper to turn any wall into an area for art or productivity. We have wallk chalkboard in pre-designed calendars, kitchen shapes, animal shapes, maps, skylines, or rolls and sheets to do whatever you’d like.

Rearrange the kitchen furniture and get rid of junk.

Make a thorough inventory of everything you have in your kitchen and get rid of all the things that you no longer use, do not belong in there, or things that are just using space without any purpose at all.

Invest on kitchen appliance covers with artistic and beautiful designs.

Instead of updating your kitchen only every decade or two, why not embrace dishwasher and refrigerator door covers that allow you to change out the theme of your kitchen regularly?

Appliance Art offers affordable kitchen appliance covers in various designs to fit any taste.

  • animal designs
  • artsy
  • contemporary
  • country
  • flags
  • flowers
  • food themed
  • inspiration
  • seasonal

Resurface your kitchen countertops.

Another popular product of our is our instant granite countertop film. Re-do your countertops without actually replacing anything at all. Our instant granite countertop rolls transform your counters into faux granite in just minutes.

Look for online sales and discounts.

If you still have an itch to do more grand upgrades, search stores online for discounts on kitchen appliance. Make sure to take advantage of this and spend time browsing and comparing prices.

To give your kitchen its overdue make-over you can consider any combination of the ideas listed above. Keep in mind that with creativity and imagination you can make your kitchen look brand new and stay within any budget.